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🔅 "Safety Never Takes a Holiday"

Updated: Jan 30, 2019

"Remember that the use of planning is only to give you the nerve to begin. Don't fret! Take detours, accept invitations, write a paper diary. Ignore guidebooks, list countries you know nothing about. Enjoy it!"

Alastair Humphreys 2019

Let’s be honest from the start, I hate planning. As much as you may think this would be enjoyable, looking at maps from a bird's eye view, my eyes go square and I just wish I was out there. I much prefer to gain ‘on the ground’ knowledge as to what things to see, local food etc - that is if you ask the right questions of course! Having too many goals to complete or things to see can distract you from the in between and perhaps you won’t enjoy the little things as much.

"The true secret of happiness lies in taking a genuine interest in all the details of daily life"

William Morris

I’ve learnt to be patient and from a safety aspect I’m putting everything in place to keep myself as safe as possible en route. First, and most importantly I will be informing people of my whereabouts and also locals i.e tourist information staff. Whilst ‘on the go’ you will be able to track my every move via the services of ‘Follow My Challenge’- which will provide you with a live feed of my whereabouts (take a look at ‘Where’s Ste?’ for more information). The device I’ll be using is called a ‘Spot Gen 3’ tracker. This will let family and friends know I’m ok or send emergency responders my GPS location, all at the push of a wee button.

“Safety never takes a holiday”

Colin Hamilton 2018

The build up to the adventure:

  • I require a long list of vaccinations before heading off - spacing these out between the months remaining.

  • Acquiring visas before setting off: India and China.

  • Sourcing equipment for the bike; businesses have been most helpful in supporting me with equipment for the bike. I plan to have everything by the end of February.

  • Before heading off I’ve got two big training rides to tick off and test the new equipment. More details will be shared concerning these in the coming weeks (the Coast to Coast and Land's End - John o'Groats).

  • I’m currently being supported by a local gym in Durham ‘Results Fitness’ where John and Chris (the owners and personal trainers) have put me on a training plan - to support my endurance on the bike. The cycling part I can control. I had some knee issues last year so this will be with me throughout the duration of the trip; when I need rest, I’ll take it! Step one, listen to my body. Step two, eat like a labrador in a bakery and step three, drink (water preferably) before I’m thirsty. I’ve learnt not keeping on top of food/drink and securing appropriate rest can affect the following day’s ride significantly.

  • On such a long journey, like the one ahead, you have to be careful not to burn out. In my training I’m making sure not to over do things too early, which isn’t easy. At the moment though cycling and recovery is really good. En route the body will get used to the routine. There’s the key word: ‘Routine’ - next year is a way of life. Wake up, coffee, cycle, food, sleep and repeat. Simples!

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Thanks to: M Armstrong , Lucy Dunn and Lee Robinson